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Oceanside Property Management

Real estate investment in Oceanside is an excellent way to earn passive income, but many landlords find themselves overwhelmed with the day-to-day aspects of leasing a home and taking care of tenant concerns. Oceanside Property Management can relieve you of the hassles and help increase your profit!

Routine Maintenance

Our company offers an online maintenance request system where tenants can report issues with the property, including uploading photos. We then contract with reputable repair services to fix problems quickly. This preserves the integrity of your property and ensures that your tenants are happy.

Tenant Responsibility

If a warning or fine is issued, we work with the tenant directly to quickly resolve the issue, working within the landlord-tenant laws to protect your rights as a property owner.

Emergency Repairs

Part of our service includes taking care of both routine repairs and emergency maintenance. No more phone calls to you in the middle of the night if a pipe bursts or the roof is leaking!


If an eviction should be necessary, we handle the legal aspects of that, as well, including working with the proper law enforcement.

Tenant Compliance

We also ensure that your tenants are compliant with local regulations, including city standards for property maintenance like the lawn and exterior, any Home Owner's Association regulations, or applicable noise laws.

Maximize Profit

Companies like ours specialize in property management Oceanside, including knowledge of landlord-tenant regulations and all building codes, making sure that your house, apartment complex, or commercial property s up-to-date and safe.

Why Chose Oceanside Property Managers?

A professional property management company handles all aspects of the leasing process, ensuring that your income properties are full of desirable tenants and kept in good repair. Plus, companies like ours specialize in property management in Oceanside, including knowledge of landlord-tenant regulations and all building codes, making sure that your house, apartment complex, or commercial property is up-to-date and safe.

Protecting your investment

Our services begin with marketing your property, including open house showings and advertisements. We take tenant applications and complete the screening process, including background or credit checks as you desire. When we’ve matched a tenant to your rental, we draw up a standard lease agreement, pricing your property to maximize your profit.

Our professional leasing teams conduct inspections at move-in and move-out, as well as periodic routine checks of the property’s interior and exterior, ensuring that your investment is well-maintained.

Proper Tenant Legal Dealings

Oceanside Property Management also works with the tenants concerning financial obligations, including collecting rents, security deposits, and late fees where needed. We also offer an online portal for renters to pay, making sure that rent is collected on time each month. We then send you a check each month.

We also have a deep understanding of all landlord-tenant laws which helps protect you as the property owner. From the right way to lease, price, and even evict when necessary, you’ll benefit from or professional experience.

Customer Accolades

Julie C. Lavoie

Julie C. Lavoie

We'd been looking for a property manager to help rent our single-family home for a while, but couldn't find anyone that we trusted. When we started working with Jackson Property Management, we knew things were different. Their online portal made it so easy for us to log in and see everything that was happening with our property, including upcoming repairs, and information about when we got paid next. Highly recommended!

John Simpson

John Simpson

A passionate team that really goes the extra mile. Thanks for helping to get our townhome advertised and rented so quickly!

Darrell Medrano

Darrell Medrano

I'd never worked with a property management company before. Encinitas walked me every step of the way, from listing our property to finding a long term tenant. It was such a simple process that this is the only company I will ever use to handle my portfolio in San Diego.

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