heatshot photo f Martin Ceja

Martin Ceja

Property Manager

Martin Ceja's mission is simple: Help you achieve your real estate goals! Born and raised in the Inland Empire, Martin has witnessed firsthand the tremendous growth and rise of the real estate market in the southern California. Over the past several years of his career, Martin has assisted in the sale and acquisition of multiple investment properties for real estate investor clients. He also assists the Jackson Property Management Team in the management of over 700 rental units throughout southern California including repositioning project management, maintenance rehabbing and property stabilization.

Martin understands that success as a property owner does not come easily. That is why he strives to gain experience and knowledge whenever possible so he may utilize these skills to better enable his clients in their success as well.  When not helping clients succeed in real estate, Martin can be found out running, cycling, swimming or spending precious time with family and friends.